Get Moving

If you want to do this as a full-time gig, then get MOVING and get yourself properly established as an Independent Contractor. You are going to need a fair bit of help in setting yourself up properly!

So… you’ve decided that you want a little bit more than just a “side hustle” and you’re now considering setting yourself up as a full time, self-employed professional?

Well done! Brave move, and there’s a lot more you now need to know and understand 🙂

Look, people have been taking on the rollercoaster ride of self-employment since time began, and many are successful at it!

Many also attempt it without any real experience, or the necessary business training and support required to succeed.

For example, you DO need to know about such things as knowing how to set goals; manage time; juggle clients, tasks and priorities; market themselves; manage workloads; do bookwork; taxation issues; dealing with cash flow, etc.

There’s a really wide range of problems you usually need to solve on your own LOL!

As far as we are concerned… there are plenty of resources on the web that can help you answer those questions. And it is pointless that we try to reinvent those wheels here 🙂

However, there are still a lot of OTHER questions related to doing business online that we can help with because THAT is the differential with the Gig Economy! The online influence!

And this section is where we’ll endeavour to answer them, and more.

Please remember, we’ve only just launched in October 2017, so we’re working hard on finding the RIGHT content to include here.

You can help, by asking your questions in the comments below.

What specifically would YOU like to know about getting moving and established in the Gig Economy?

Much more is coming soon 🙂 Please stay tuned.


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