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I’ve only recently “discovered” Jon Westenberg, and my first reaction when checking out his Medium profile was simply “Wow”! How the heck does somebody get over 110 thousand followers on any social media platform in just 3 short months? There must be something “special” about this fella 🙂

As demonstrated by his writing “style” which I adore (others may not because of the strong language often used), he certainly has a way with words. Lots of words. Lots and lots and lots of words!

His Medium profile says he is an “obsessive writer”. Well, Jon’s presence online is prolific, especially (I think) for someone so young! Do a Google search for his name, and you’ll see exactly what I mean LOL.

Strange that his personal website simply says this…

I’m a writer and marketer from Sydney, Australia. I have written for TIME, Entrepreneur,, Business Insider, Upworthy, The New York Observer, The SF Chronicle, ReadThink & over 40 other publications. I am the Chief Marketing Officer for

Watch this fella! Learn from him!

If ever there was an Aussie “Garry Vee”… Jon is (going to be) it!

Are you a Key Person of Influence in your industry yet?

What are you doing to be one?

Stephen Spry

After a long gig as a high school Careers Adviser, Stephen set up one of the world's first Careers websites in 1995. He's since done a swag of web design & publishing and is the founder of Come On Aussie Internet. He may be "old"... but he's still very young @ heart :)

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