Where Are You At Right Now? Here’s How We Can Help You.

If you are wondering where you should start here, it’s probably simplest to simply select one of the stories below which best describes where you are “at” right now.

And then we’ll try really hard to point you in the right direction 🙂

Each section below relates to the different types of help we (will) include here on GiGS.cafe.

Please note as @ October 2017 we’ve only just launched this site. It will take a while for a lot of the content we want to be added to these sections. We hope you stick around for the ride!

I’m Clueless & Have Got No Flaming Idea LOL

You’re not alone! You’ve probably heard all sorts of confusing stories about what the “gig economy” is and how it works! We’ll help you fill in a few blanks, so you can decide which of the options available might best suit you!

Here are the BASICS

I’m Wondering Whether I Should JOIN the Gig Economy

We’ll take you “deeper” into the interwebs and discuss how this all works, so you can get a much better idea of what is needed to kickstart your side gig!


I Want to Get MOVING as an Independent Contractor

If you’re looking at doing this as a full-time gig, then you are going to need a fair bit of help in setting yourself up properly!


I AM an Independent Contractor and want to GROW my Business

Oh well done! Hopefully, our ideas here help you move your business to that “next level” everyone keeps raving about. Sorry, it’s a tired cliche I know, but you get the meaning…


I am an EMPLOYER and I am Looking For TALENT

That’s Awesome 🙂 Great to see you taking advantage of using the Gig Economy to improve your business! While it might be early days here (@GiGS.cafe) hopefully we’ve got some useful suggestions to make that work for you!



Please note, the ideas presented here are NOT meant to be taken as “official” advice in relation to your business or financial matters!

Since we don’t know your particular situation, we can only offer “generic” suggestions that may, or may not, work for you.

Always seek proper advice from qualified professionals before making ANY life-changing decisions.

If you don’t do that, at the very least discuss things with your spouse or risk an eternity of damnation 😜

P.S. We can’t be held responsible if anything happens to you if you fail to get the advice mentioned above (especially if you don’t talk to your significant other)!

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